ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Alshon Jeffery

However, given that the Eagles currently only have roughly $9.8 million in spending flexibility according to Over The Cap and will likely enter free agency with a best case scenario of roughly $30 million in Crazy Cheap New England Patriots Jerseys The Big Discount cap space.

„It’s possible,“ Schefter said Wednesday on 97.5 The Fanatic of a potential Jackson to the Eagles reunion. „I don’t know that it’s likely. I also don’t know if it’s unlikely. It’s in the realm of possibility, depending on how things go. There are a lot of people out there that would be interested in him.

„Tampa would be interested in DeSean. I could totally see that. Maybe Tampa comes in with that situation; warm weather, Jameis Winston, no state tax. That’s a natural in my own mind. I could see that happening. I’m cheap dolphins jerseys sure Philadelphia will have some level of interest and DeSean will have some level of interest in Philadelphia. We’ll see how it works out. There are a lot of things that are based on one another in free agency. Who knows. Maybe Philadelphia is all in on Alshon Jeffery and if they don’t get Jeffery, DeSean is their backup plan.“

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Jackson returning to the Eagles and playing on the outside would certainly give quarterback Carson Wentz a speedy, potentially game altering weapon. However, going for his fourth contract and at the age of 30, Jackson is cheap browns jerseys unlikely to come at a bargain which could make signing him difficult for the comparatively speaking cap strapped Eagles.

Jeffery has also been reported to be the Eagles’ sights dating back to last season.

Making a play for the soon to be free agent wouldn’t be the first time that the Eagles have shown interest in Jeffery after making overtures to the Bears at least year’s trade deadline.

Last season, Jeffery hauled in Wholesale Baltimore Ravens Game/Elite/Limited Jerseys 52 receptions for 821 yards and two touchdowns while averaging 15.8 yards per catch in 12 games. However, Jeffery’s season was marred by a four game suspension for violating the NFL’s Performance Enhancing Drug policy.

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„I have my doubts about it,“ Schefter said, of the Eagles’ chances at landing a top free agent given the market conditions across the NFL this offseason. „I was talking to a couple of people yesterday about what Jeffery’s price tag might be and there are some people that think he could go for $15 or $16 million per year. I don’t know that the Eagles can do that.

„I think that basically, there aren’t a ton of quality free agents but there are a ton of teams with lots of cap room. They have to spend that money on someone. If there’s somebody who is a good player, these people are going to get paid money. Usually, the good ones get more than you expect; just look at San Francisco who has $50 or $60 million in cap space with so many needs. What does it matter to them who they spend it on?

„When these teams have that space, they have to spend it somewhere on somebody. Alshon Jeffery is going to be as good a receiver as is going to be out there. There are enough teams that need wide receivers, that have cap space. Someone is going to say $15 million per year, that just is what it is.“